Welcome to the Totara Learn Demo Site

This site enables you to explore Totara Learn functionality and try out features like performance appraisals and course assessments. In Totara, user roles allow you to decide what level of access a user will have in the system. Use the accounts listed below to login and explore the system.

Please note that data and information in this site is deleted every 48 hours.

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Username:  demoadmin
Password:  demoadmin

This role has limited administrator access to preserve the integrity of the Demo Site.


Username: manager
Password:  manager

The manager has 6 staff reporting to them, access to the 'My Team' dashboard, staff learning plans, bookings, records of learning, appraisals, and goals.


Username: trainer
Password:  trainer

The trainer is able to add and edit courses in the Miscellaneous category.


Username: learner
Password:  learner

The learner is able to self-enroll in courses, access activities and view resources.