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Welcome to the Totara Demo Site This site enables you to explore the Totara system and functionality.

Data and information in this site is deleted every 48 hours.

There are four roles available on this demonstration site; Site Administrator, Trainer, Manager and Learner.

  • Totara Demo Roles:


    Username: demoadmin
    Password: demoadmin

    Note: The Demoadmin role has limited administrator access to preserve the integrity of the Demo Site.


    Username: trainer
    Password: trainer

    Note: The trainer role is able to add and edit courses in the Miscellaneous category.


    Username: manager
    Password: manager

    Note: The manager has 5 staff reporting to them, you can see the 'My Team' dashboard and staff learning plans, bookings and records of learning.


    Username: learner
    Password: learner



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